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Miniature & Micro Fasteners & Threaded Inserts in Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel & Nylon for Repair,  OEM,  Plastic Moulding and Plastic Fabricating

Miniature & Micro Fasteners in Stainless & AlloySteel, Brass & Nylon

Cross Tools Co keeps stocks of miniature fasteners.  Minimum quantity buys generally apply to this line. And a larger variety of miniatures is also available in various profiles, threadforms and materials supplied to your special order and generally on short lead times.


Small Miniature  & Micro Threaded Inserts in Brass, Steel & Stainless

Small theaded inserts are available in Time-Serts from #4-40 gauge UN and 3mm and in NuCoil from #2-56 gauge UN and 2mm and in inserts for plastic from smaller sizes still. Cross Tools Co carries stock of the small sizes in Time-Serts and NuCoil and  limited stock of miniature inserts for use in plastic moulding. Special orders are usually on short lead times.


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